Wild River Recon Backpack

Wild river tackle tek recon backpackBuy fromn amazon buttonThis backpack is exactly what I needed in my younger days of fishing and I wish it would have existed then. A complete solution to packing all of your gear for those extreme trips after nearly any species of fish.

The Features of this Backpack

  • Lighted interior: This makes fishing in the day or night a reality without constantly looking for your flashlight or using a headlamp.
  • Removable pliers holder: A nice case attached to the backpack can easily be removed and put onto your belt. Pliers are a mandatory item to keep handy, this fishing backpack allows you to constantly keep them where you need them.
  • 3 Plano pro latch 3500 tackle boxes included: (Dimensions: 9.13″ x 5″ x 1.25″)These boxes slide in and out of the backpack/tacklebag with ease. You can keep all of your tackle neatly organized in this extremely convenient system.
  • Protective rain cover: This cover can be quickly utilized in the  unfortunate instances of rain on your trips. It will keep all of your gear bone dry if heaven forbid a quick moving storm rolls in and interrupts your trip.


  • The backpack is well made and is extremely sturdy and versatile
  • The lighting system is top notch and very convenient
  • Multiple perfectly located exterior pockets make this really great for fisherman who carry a lot of small items (perfect for the fly fisherman)


  • Seems a little smaller than pictured, but considering the need for a backpack to not restrict arm movement while casting and moving around, the size is perfect.
  • High price tag: As with any quality gear, the price can be a barrier, but the quality does show in the wild river recon backpack.


If you are a night fisherman or strictly a daylight guy, this backpack offers a unique way to organize your tackle and keep you mobile. The beauty of all good fishing backpacks is their mobility, and the only real complaint about this product is it’s size. The fact is, if it were any larger it would be more of a burden than a convenience. The innovative way this tackle bag/backpack is created can only leave you wondering one thing, where am I going fishing next?

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