Wild River 3508 Small Fishing Backpack Review

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This great backpack is a smaller version of the 3606 backpack tackle box found on this page. This little fishing pack will be just the right size for most anglers. You can fit a large assortment of gear in the many pockets of this unit. It will accommodate 4 plano 3500 tackle boxes inside, which should be more than enough for a full day of fishing. You might not be able to carry all of your gear, but I find this fishing backpack to be just about the perfect size for most bait fishermen. You can easily fit your bobbers and extra fishing line in the side pockets, fill your plano boxes up with weights, hooks, swivels and other terminal tackle and you should be good to go. You will have no problem having enough extra space for your bait and other essentials. In reality, this backpack is not that small, it’s just smaller than its big brother. You still have a ton of space to work with. If you are looking for a slightly more deluxe version, you should probably check out the Wild River Recon Backpack here.


  • 4 side pockets with enough space for most anglers
  • Upper storage area with a removable divider
  • Zippered pouch on the top hidden for safe storage of your fishing license, cell phone or whatever you want to keep handy
  • Folding top front pocket lays flat to give you a nice work area (see image here)
  • Large padded and adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable hiking
  • Rugged pads on the bottom of the bag to cut down o wear and tear in rugged fishing envitronments

All of these great features make this a truly versatile and great fishing backpack to own. You really need to check it out, because it is a great deal for such a handy pack. Take a closer look by clicking the image at the top of this page.