Gear to Take on Your Backpack Fishing Trips

Gear list for backpack fishingA good fishing gear list to keep in your backpack can be extremely long, but in reality you won’t want to carry a ton of stuff with you out on the water. This list is designed to keep you prepared for your adventure, while keeping the bulk down. There is no sense filling your backpack with extra weight and unnecessary items. While fishing, it’s great to keep your backpack light and mobile—that’s what were shooting for here.

Essential Gear

The essential gear for your trip will include: Fishing license and good knowledge of your fishing area. You should also bring along a good supply of water and perhaps a snack or two. Of course you are going to need lures, flies and other terminal tackle.

A Great Backpack

A good fishing backpack is your first step to having a successful day on the water. A cumbersome backpack that is overstuffed, unorganized and uncomfortable could really ruin your day. Get a pack that feels good and will keep your gear easily available, it is sure to make your trips more fun.


Keeping rain gear in your backpack is a good idea. If you live in the mountains it can be especially important, because rain can seemingly come out of nowhere and have you chilled to the bone in no time. You should also consider keeping an extra pair of pants, shirt and socks in your bag in case you take an accidental swim.


  • Knife: There are endless reasons for you to carry a knife in your backpack. Personally I could not go one day on the water without one.
  • Nippers: Cutting fishing line with your teeth is a bad idea, always keep a pair of line nippers handy and your dentist will appreciate it.
  • Pliers: These are another imperative item to carry. Besides removing the hooks from toothy fish, pliers can help you make field repairs on items if the situation ever arises.
  • Extra Reel: This is a good idea! If your reel shuts down and you don’t have a backup, your fishing trip is DONE! You should also consider bringing an extra rod if you can make room.

Life Savers

  • G.P.S: Sure you aren’t going to get very lost if you are fishing the edge of a lake, but if you are hiking in a long way to fish a remote stream or pond, a GPS could save your life.
  • Small First Aid Kit: A simple item like this can keep you ready for the unexpected. Even an item as small as a band-aid can make your day if you have a cut hand and you are trying to cast all day long.

Food and Drinks

Yes I know I already mentioned these items above, but I decided to go into more detail here. You can only carry so much water in your backpack, therefore I recommend buying a lifestraw or some type of water filtration system. They are convenient to own and if you ever get in a pinch and need more water (or your friends forgot to pack their own) you will be covered. These are available for around 20$ and you can suck the water right out of the lake or stream safely.


This list is surely not all inclusive. I have tried to keep it simple and minimal. You can add or subtract any items you want to from this list. Next time you are hunting for a backpacking fishing gear list you know where to come. Good luck on your next adventure!