Backpack Tackle Box Choices

If you are on the market for a backpack tackle box, you have come to the right place. Backpacks and tackle boxes go together like peanut butter and jelly—it just makes sense.. There are endless times where I could have used one of these things in my life. When I was growing up, backpack tackle boxes didn’t exist, so I was stuck using a regular tackle box, or just throwing some small tackle boxes into a backpack and going fishing.

The fact of the matter is, fishing gear is heavy, even if you are just moving gear from your car to the lakeshore; it can be a real hassle. Since you are here, you probably already appreciate how awesome this piece of gear is, so I’ll jump right into giving you a few examples.

The Best Backpack Tackle Boxes on the Market

Superfisher tacklebox backpack. This bag is huge and can fit up to 10 plano 3700 tackle boxes inside!

Superfisher tacklebox backpack. This bag is huge and can fit up to 10 plano 3700 tackle boxes inside!

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Superfisher Waterproof Fishing XXL Backpack

This massive backpack is great for those of you who need to fit everything. You’ll find no shortage of places to clip knives or fishing line nippers on to this fishing backpack tackle box hauler! You can fit tons of fishing gear in this thing and still have room for a lot more. For those of you like me who really enjoy having everything you could ever need with you, this is probably the backpack for you. This fishing empire has tons of pockets to fit your small tackle boxes, fillet knives, extra fishing reels and just about anything else you might need. If you want the ultimate XL sized backpack tackle box, you have found it.

Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack

Spiderwire fishing tackle backpack with 3 boxes and plenty of tool storage.

Spiderwire fishing tackle backpack with 3 boxes and plenty of tool storage.

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This backpack comes with a few boxes for you to load up with your gear. It also has a nice rear pouch to easily store all of your needed fishing tools in an easy to reach place. One feature this backpack has that I rarely see, is a cooler compartment. You can keep your drinks (or bait) cool while you are out there on the water. It has several small pockets to store all of your small items and a great pocket on top for your cell phone and keys. This backpack is sure to be a delight to own. You will instantly notice the high quality materials and construction offered here.

Not only is this backpack well made, its extremely comfortable. It has a generous amount of padding on the shoulder straps for carrying a heavy load of fishing gear.

Wild River 3606 Large Backpack

Wild river backpack for holding several tackle boxes.

This backpack holds up to 6 Plano 3600 tackle boxes. On top of that, you still have an immense amount of other storage.

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This large backpack tackle box is perhaps the nicest one on this page. It can hold 6 3600 sized tackle boxes in the lower compartment. It also has 4 pockets on the sides to fit all of your other needed gear. You can easily fit several more small boxes in the side pockets for keeping fish hooks and other terminal tackle at the ready. This backpack is very impressive and I don’t think you can go wrong.  If you are a shore fisherman who loves to move around a lot, this backpack is perfect.

With the large amount of storage, the generous size of the main tackle box compartment, the well designed zipper placement; combined with the overall quality of this piece of gear—you’ll find its a best buy in it’s category. The wild river 3606 is certainly as good as any other backpack tackle box you’ll find in it’s price range. This one is a strong buy.