A Review of the Okuma Tackle Backpack 4 Tray Bag

Okuma tackle backpack

Buy fromn amazon buttonOkuma is generally known for producing fishing gear as well as a variety of accessories. So, when Okuma came out with its Okuma Tackle Backpack, few were surprised. So, what is the Okuma Tackle Backpack like and how does it compare to similarly priced tackle backpacks released by other companies? Let’s take a moment to review the Okuma Tackle Backpack and see what they think of it.

The Okuma Tackle Backpack

The Okuma Tackle Backpack attempts to combine practical design specifically tailored towards fishing. This includes a separate compartment below for trays along with a large central container for everything and anything fishing related. Along with having a 1-year warranty included with purchase, the Okuma Tackle Backpack attempts to keep the size of the backpack down to make it easier to carry around and use. At $60, it is fairly priced for its category. Finally, what make the Okuma Tackle Backpack an interesting buy are the 4 tackle trays and the 4 plastics boxes that are included. Stressing organization, the Okuma Tackle Backpack is great for those who have a lot of gear.

Specifications of the Okuma Tackle Backpack

The Okuma Tackle Backpack is 21 inches long by 13 inches wide and 9 inches tall. At roughly 5.8 pounds for the product and when shipped, it is a little bit heavier than other backpacks out there designed for either fishing or general use. The bag is manufactured in China.

What Do People Think of the Okuma Tackle Backpack?

Reviews are mostly positive. Individuals like how the Okuma Tackle Backpack is priced at around half of what similar backpacks cost. They also like how much space is provided inside and say that there is enough room for about two tackle boxes. Although people consider it a good purchase, there are some problems that people reported. First, the coloring on the tackle box when it arrived was darker than the colors seen in pictures beforehand. In addition, some people report having trouble with the zippers breaking or sliding open.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Minor problems aside, the Okuma Tackle Backpack are a great purchase. At $60, you get considerable storage space and a straightforward design that makes it great to use. Whether this is a present for someone you know or a gift to yourself, the Okuma Tackle Backpack proves to be well worth the cost.