What Makes a Good Fishing Backpack?

Wild river nomad fishing backpack

Wild river nomad backpack. As you can see this has all of the great qualities a good fishing pack should have.

If you are a traveling angler and like to hike back into the wilderness on an adventure, the need for a fishing backpack is obvious. The ability to carry all of your gear in an organized fashion is essential to making your trip as seamless as possible. One thing that all fisherman can agree on is you can buy a bunch of inferior gear, but each time you do you will probably regret it. A top quality backpack will make your outdoor fishing adventure a success all around.

The ability to carry gear in an organized fashion will not only make you feel better about venturing into the wild, it will make your fishing much more successful. By using a normal backpack with limited compartments you will have to throw everything into one big area. This is sure to cause you to become unorganized, not only that, but you will have to remove a bunch of stuff from your pack to find that certain item you are looking for.

A Good Backpack for Fishing Should have these Qualities

  • Plenty of Storage: Keeping your smaller items like fly floatant and terminal tackle organized in easy to access smaller compartments will make pulling them out easy and hassle free. Most good fishing backpacks have several small places for you to put smaller and commonly used items for quick and easy access. It’s no fun searching through a huge backpack for pliers, when you should already have them in a nice easy to find spot on the outside of your pack.
  • Waterproof: A great quality for a fishing backpack is for it to be waterproof. If there is one thing that all fisherman are exposed to frequently it is water. Lets say you are wading across the river and slip, if your backpack goes in everything in it will potentially be exposed to water. You will no doubt have your cell phone, camera and potentially many more expensive electronics on board.. Another factor to consider , is rain, steady constant rain will seep through an inferior backpack and get all of your flies or lures wet. While wet tackle is not an immediate problem, if they are not dried out fairly quickly they could rust. Keeping your expensive flies and lures rust free should be of utmost importance to any serious angler.
  • Be Durable: Any hardcore outdoorsman knows that having durable gear is mandatory if you are going into hardcore fishing situations. A gear bag or backack that falls apart when you are miles away from your car can be a big problem. Buying a durable fishing backpack is a very smart choice for a serious angler like you.